Eltel CEO presents at a telecoms forum in Copenhagen

Eltel CEO Axel Hjärne discussed the challenges of providing a better service delivery at the Marcus Evans Nordic & Baltic Telecoms forum in Copenhagen. While there has been a great improvement in the quality and efficiency of field services in the past ten years, the challenges are not over. The complexity of networks will continue to grow, and the demand for reliability and quality will become ever more critical. On the other hand, the industry has to address the issues of workforce, new business models and cultural challenges of organisations.

The Marcus Evans forum gathered an important crowd of teleoperators, technology vendors and service partners in Copenhagen on 17 and 18 September, 2012. Some of the interesting notions of the speakers were:

  • competitiveness and innovativeness of the Nordic market
  • explosion of data traffic forcing investments in new capacity
  • need to change business models, e.g. operator pricing to be based on profiled users and packaged functionalities
  • networks becoming more complex with more standards instead of less
  • reliability staying as the most critical requirement regarding infrastructures and their functionality

In his speech, Axel Hjärne addressed the experiences and implications of trends on the service provider. First he emphasised the role of people in service businesses. While operators have to deal with a lot of technology and data-related issues, outsourcing partners like Eltel focus on efficient and high-quality delivery of service. The past ten years have seen a lot of changes in how the service industry has streamlined itself starting from simplification of organisations, establishing unified performance metrics, utilising benchmarking to develop operational efficiency to developing working cultures and people competences. Eltel calls this set of managing a world-class service organisation The Eltel Way.

New ways of empowering people to make the right decisions on the spot and on site and becoming a more proactive organisation have been important drivers for change. The results are seen in improved flexibility of the workforce, better quality, cost efficiency, and overall a specialised service sector partnering with operators and technology vendors.

As the service partners will continue to develop operations independently, better results are achieved when operators and their partners work together. Allowing more scope in materials and logistics, improving performance over e-interfaces and simplifying reporting routines were mentioned as examples of needing contribution from both parties. Axel Hjärne also showed how an open book model is utilised in one of Eltel’s latest project agreements as a model of increasing transparency and committing both parties to a common goal.

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