Eltel increases market share with new maintenance contracts with the Finnish railways

Eltel has signed five year maintenance contracts of electrified railways and medium voltage systems in the south and west regions in Finland. Company’s background goes back to 1966 when Eltel started the electrification of railways in Finland and 2006 when the first maintenance contracts were signed.

The new contracts include 24/7 standby and fault repairs, damage repairs, services and replacement of equipment. There is an incentive system for delivery accuracy. Additionally there is an option to extend the contract by two years.

From beginning of 2013 Eltel is the main partner to maintain most parts of electric railways in Finland. The transportation authority in Finland is an important customer investing in the safety of maintenance, accuracy of traffic and reliability of operations with a goal to achieve a speed of 220 km per hour in the main rail connections.

One of the contracts continues the earlier relationship in the southwest and central parts of Finland. The contract in the capital area of Helsinki is an expansion of markets and reflects the trust of customer in collaboration and quality with Eltel.

The decision criteria in the competitive bidding were split 40% between quality and 60% of price. The quality criteria meant in practice securing the functionality of rail, professional personnel and safe working methods and safety of the rail.

In parallel with the maintenance contracts Eltel signed also agreements on the operational management. Operational management is important for securing the safety of equipment and related electricity works.

More information:
Samu Salo, Development Manager, Eltel Railway Infrastrusture, Finland
Tel. +358 40 311 2631, samu.salo@eltelnetworks.com

Markku Granlund, Senior Officer, Finnish Transport Agency and Päivi Hakala, Director, Eltel Railway Infrastucture, Finland.