Eltel signs a major two-year contract with a leading Nordic teleoperator

Eltel and TeliaSonera have signed a new two-year contract for 2013−2014. This will secure Eltel’s position to deliver build, connect and care services in Sweden. The new contract will grow Eltel’s market share.

Eltel has been one of the lead partners to deliver services to TeliaSonera from the beginning of the outsourcing era. Negotiations on a new contract for the years 2013 and 2014 have now been completed. Eltel’s ambition in the negotiations was to maintain its position in build services and increase market shares in connect and care services. Both of the goals have been met.

”This has been a long negotiations process but the dialogue has been all the time positive. We are naturally very happy that TeliaSonera has decided to continue the collaboration with us in the agreed manner. We grow our market share, which means that Eltel has been successful in the negotiations. Now it is time to start the implementation”, says Casimir Lindholm, CEO of Eltel Networks Infranet AB.

In the customer connections Eltel will extend its activity area both for TeliaSonera and Skanova. Skanova is the largest provider of open copper and fibre networks in Sweden offering capacity to 140 operators. They are 100 % owned by TeliaSonera.

New areas regarding maintenance around Gothenburg and Umeå are added in the contract. Eltel will keep all the maintenance areas it has today in various parts of Sweden from south to north. Eltel’s build activities consist of installation of telecom lines for Skanova and switches for TeliaSonera. Switch services also include datacom, transmission and radio links. Eltel will also have exclusivity in certain geographical regions in the build contract. In the rest of areas Eltel’s share is in most cases 50 %. Requirements on service levels continue to be high.

”The new contract with TeliaSonera is an important one for the whole Eltel Group and confirms our competitiveness in the telecoms arena. We have a long established position as the leading service company to telcos in northern Europe and the new contract will further strengthen our position. Our negotiation team has done an excellent job and I would like to thank them all for a fine achievement. We have some other negotiations on-going and hope that good news in Sweden will boost those as well”, concludes Axel Hjärne, President and CEO of Eltel Group Corporation.

More information:
Casimir Lindholm, CEO Eltel Sweden
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