Eltel wins a big contract from Fingrid

Eltel Transmission in Finland signs a major contract with Fingrid. A new 75 km 400 kV line and modification works to be completed by autumn 2014.

Eltel Transmission Finland and Fingrid have signed on 8.6.2012 a contract on construction of transmission line between Kristinestad and Leväsjoki. This turnkey project consists of building a new 75 km long 400 kV transmission line, modification works at Kristiina and Kristinestad and changing of earthwires between Kristiina and Tuovila substations. The project will be completed in autumn 2014.

The competitive bidding was entered by a number of companies. The selection of the winning tender was based on price and indirect costs where e.g. good performance of previous projects is regarded as a cost saving in the final evaluation. Eltel has been a contract partner with Fingrid since its establishment in 2001."The new contract is the biggest ever we have won from Fingrid during Eltel’s history. We are extremely pleased about the fact that we were selected as the contractor after tough international competition”, says Tapio Leskinen, director of Eltel Transmission Finland.

The contracted project is a part of Fingrid’s longer term development plan of transmission grid in Western Finland. It is foreseen that the electricity transmission needs are substantially increased in this area. The existing 220 kV network is not sufficient to provide required operational reliability of the grid system as the consumption is on increase. The current 220 kV system is technically old and it will be replaced by a new 400 kV network.

More information:
Tapio Leskinen, Director, Eltel Transmission, Finland
Tel. +358 40 311 3316, tapio.leskinen@eltelnetworks.com