Eltel wins new contracts and customers in Denmark

Eltel has convinced the markets and wins new contracts in Denmark. Post Danmark chose Eltel as its exclusive supplier in electricity works in an EU-tender. Eltel and Cisco signed a contract with Copenhagen Municipality for network solutions and technology. And Region Syddanmark enters a contract with Eltel to build a telephone platform across the region.

Post Danmark selected Eltel as its service partner in electricity installations and maintenance in its 350 locations equivalent to 700,000 m2 in building areal in the entire Denmark. Eltel won the contract in an EU-tender. Post Danmark planned to reduce the number of its service partners to fewer companies. Having been overly content with the winning solution they selected Eltel as their exclusive supplier. The services are provided on a 24/7/365 basis and the Eltel Network Operation Center will be used for the operational support. The contract is valid for two years ending in summer 2014 with an option of maximum three years extension. The contract opens a door for Eltel to extend its scope also to other services within Post Danmark.

The new contract of Eltel and Cisco with Copenhagen Municipality consists of a network solution and technology based on wireless infrastructure. The new system will support 35,000 students and teachers in Copenhagen schools and provides a wireless access to digital media in all classrooms at the same time. The solution supports also tablets and smart phones so that the students and teachers can utilize their favoured device in education without compromising network security. The contract runs for three years with a further option of two years. Eltel’s division director Per Ingemann is glad of the new contracts: “It is a very important acknowledgement for Eltel that Köpenhavns Kommune has trusted us with this exciting and innovative assignment. We are happy with the new collaboration and look forward to establish one of the largest and most ambitious wireless school networks in Denmark”.

Another success for Eltel has been the new co-operation with Region Syddanmark to build a new communications platform across the region. The new platform enables video conferences, improved switchboard options and new contact center for all the institutions in the area. The contract covers 16 hospitals and other healthcare institutions and will provide better mobility and efficiency benefits by the means of a centralized communications platform.

Eltel is the leading Infranet service company in Denmark providing services to electricity and telecom operators and business solutions to the enterprise segment. The total headcount is 800 persons. Eltel provides services all over Denmark.

For more information:
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