Eltel’s power transmission business contracts EUR 50 million projects

Eltel Networks has started execution of two large power transmission projects in Poland. The total value of the contracts is apprx. EUR 50 million. Customer in both cases is the Polish Power Grid Operator, PSE Operator SA.

Investments in the Polish power grids continue at a high level. As the leading provider Eltel Networks has secured large contracts to execute a high voltage (HV) substation and a HV overhead line project. Due to their size these will be completed in 2015 and 2016. Both of the contracts are signed by Eltel Networks Olsztyn SA, which is a wholly owned subsidiary of Eltel Networks Group.

The works on the modernization of Stanislawow 400 kV substation in the eastern part of Poland have been started recently. This is a modernization project of power substation and it includes the design and construction works of a new 400 kV switch station with related civil works. Part of Eltel Networks services on behalf of the grid company is the demanding legal arrangement to make the purchase agreement of the land where the new switch station will be built. The scheduled time to complete the project is end of March 2015.

The other contract is a turn-key project of a new 2x400 kV overhead line in Silesia Region, South-West of Poland. The scope here includes the design works, all legal arrangements and construction works of a new 76,5 km long 2x400 kV overhead line from Dobrzen substation, close to Opole to connect with a new branch of Pasikurowice−Wroclaw line. The line will be commissioned at the end of May 2016.

“The Polish Power Grid Operator enters the period of massive investments up to EUR 600 million per year. The development of the transmission grid requires several 400 kV substations and overhead lines to be built and many of the existing ones need to be modernized.

Eltel Group entered the Polish market in 2003 by acquisition of the company in Olsztyn. The new contracts show the trust by PSE Operator in Eltel Networks capability to execute challenging projects, with tough schedules in a competitive market environment”, says Jan Piotrowski, General Director of Eltel Networks in Poland.

More information:
Jan Piotrowski, General Director of Eltel Networks in Poland
Tel. +48 22 518 95 67, jan.piotrowski@eltelnetworks.com