Eltel wins transmission system contracts of Kraftnät Åland

Eltel in Finland signed two contracts with Kraftnät Åland in the beginning of December. A new 110/45kV km transmission line of 11 km and two new 110 kV substations with extensions of existing substations are to be completed by September 2015. Total value

Kraftnät Åland owns and operates the electricity grid in Åland, an autonomic area of Finland, consisting of 300 km 110 kV and 45 kV power lines with substations, interconnections and IT system. Kraftnät Åland will construct a new HVDC-link between Naantali, Finland and Ytterby, Åland. The interconnection is built to improve power system security on Åland. The technical transmission capacity between Central Sweden and Continental Finland will be increased at the maximum 80 MW to both directions, as the current interconnection capacity between Sweden and Åland is 80 MW. Due to the new interconnection, the existing transmission network on Åland must be reinforced.

A new 110 kV station Tellholm will be built adjacent to the land landing location of the existing sea cable feed from Sweden. The feed from Sweden, which currently goes directly to the existing station Tingsbacka, will continue through this new station. Station Tellholm will also allow connection of a number of wind farms at a later stage.

A new 110 kV and 45 kV transmission line will be built between the existing station Tingsbacka and the new HVDC station Ytterby. For that, existing Tingsbacka 110 kV switchgear  shall be completed by a new 110 kV line feeder. The 110 kV cable connections for the new overhead line between Tingsbacka and Ytterby is also included in the contract, 110 kV cable route length being over 2 km.

As a branch connection to the new line between Tingsbacka and Ytterby another 110 kV line will be built to the existing station Norrböle. Access point for it is in Ingby. In Norrböle a new substation 110/45 kV including power transformer 63 MVA will be built adjacent to the existing 45 kV station.

In Naantali 110 kV cable connection between the new HVDC station and a feeder in a new Fingrid Naantali 110 kV substation is part of the contract.

“Our strong performance in executing transmission line and substation projects is highly valued by our customers. We are happy to show again with these new contracts that we are trusted by our customers to deliver complete portfolio of services to meet the customer expectations”, says Ari Eskola, director of Eltel Transmission Substations.

More information:
Ari Eskola, Director, Eltel Transmission Substations, Finland
Tel. +358 40 311 3030, ari.eskola@eltelnetworks.com

Back row from left to right: Sven-Anders Eriksson and Henrik Sandqvist from Kraftnät Åland, Christer Åberg, Ari Eskola and Kai Nieminen from Eltel, Malin Sjökvist and Claes Malcolm from Pöyry Swed Power.
Front row from left to right: Jan Kahlroth, CEO Kraftnät Åland and Roger Slotte, Chairman of Kratnät Åland Board, Torsten Silvander and Tapio Leskinen from Eltel.