Eltel to build charging infrastructure

32 power utilities have established a joint operator to coordinate the use of charging stations in Finland. The total investment is estimated to amount to EUR 1,1 billion by the year 2030. Eltel has installed the first fast charging stations.

Eltel has secured a pole position in building infrastructure for the fast charging stations in Finland. The scope of works includes site planning, installation and commissioning. The biggest cities in Finland will be covered within the next three years. A public charging network is seen necessary to motivate consumers to buy electric vehicles (EV).

The joint operator is in process of developing a billing model, identifying the customer for correct invoicing as part of his/her electricity bill. Another issue is to allocate the revenue correctly between the owner of charging station and power utility.

As the amount of EVs is on increase there is a need for a more efficient charging network. In the metropolitan area of Helsinki Nissan, Fortum and ABC service stations have a joint project to install 20 fast charging stations.

Eltel’s installation team performed all the works at the charging station, which is located by the motorway from Helsinki to Turku. “We took care of the site survey, planning and logistics of equipment. Besides the installation we also performed the measurements, test charging and final calibration”, says Janne Raatikainen, Development Director of Eltel Smart Grid.

First fast charging stations in the City of Helsinki
Helsingin Energia, the leading power utility in Helsinki, has ordered installations in the city of Helsinki having Eltel as its partner. The new fast charging stations are open for public. “We delivered the installations on a turn-key basis. Our expertise covers all the field services needed for the charging networks of EVs”, Raatikainen continues.

Eltel expertise recognized internationally
Eltel has installed over 100 charging stations in the Nordic countries and Baltics. Typical locations are shopping centres, hotels and vicinity of airports. ”Interest in our capabilities has been great. We have been contacted by the leading car manufacturers, technology and equipments vendors. Important negotiations are in progress in many fronts. Our ambition is to promote the growth of electric traffic and also in this way contribute to a sustainable development of our societies”, concludes Janne Raatikainen.

Jyri Häkämies, Minister of Economic Affairs, switched on the first fast charging station. Photo: Janne Raatikainen.

More information:
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